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About Bob Gertz

Bob has always been interested in photography. When he was a teen his brother opened a frame shop that began Bob’s interest in the art world. Bob worked for his brother learning framing and matting after school and on weekends.

Art becomes a profession and passion

This interest and training led to many years in the custom frame and matting business. During this time his curiosity about photography grew. Constant exposure to many different forms of art sharpened Bobs eye for detail, balance and color. One of the first expressions of Bob’s artistic skill was in custom mats. Bob became an expert at creating unusual designs and even logos carved into multi-layer mats.

Bob discovers photography

Bob began experimenting with various cameras and films. He began shooting thirty-five millimeter and wasn’t satisfied with the results when compared with the best he had seen in his frame customer’s work. This dissatisfaction led Bob to experiment with medium format cameras. After only a few rolls, Bob realized he had discovered his passion.

bob-hof1PrimoVision is born

PrimoVision became a reality in 2002. Bob had often dreamed of expressing his talent through his own business.

The right combination of circumstances came about in 2002 and Bob took the plunge. Bob hasn’t looked back.

PrimoVision was virtually an instant success. A wide range of audiences in virtually every venue, PrimoVision displays have welcomed Bob’s work. The future is bright!



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